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Today, I am going to post about a really controversial topic, the LGBT community.. It is a topic which people choose to not speak about. Usually when we say LGBT, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Gay’ and ‘Lesbian’ which is the ‘more spoken about’ group.  We term these people as ‘Homosexuals’ and then come up with a term called ‘Homophobia’, which in my opinion, is being scared of two perfect and normal people, who are in love.

We have two terms – Homo and Hetero . Now, a heterogeneous group of people is when man people of different genders, caste, races, religion, co-exist peacefully. On the other hand, a homosexual group is when people of the same gender,caste, races, religion live together. We are perfectly  happy to see a Heterogeneous groups, then why fear the Homogeneous groups …….. That’s the question I want to raise in this blog.

Gay because ….

Well, there is no reason, love’s always in season…

And love is love.

– All Hills [Coming out The official song].

Why are you scared of something as simple, as pure, as magical and beautiful as homosexuality? Let me also clear something .. A misconception if I might say ….. Homosexuality is NOT a disease that can be cured ! And to be extremely frank, it is not a choice either. And it is so not a mental disorder. I have actually had a friend of mine, who texted me saying that the person has certain feelings for the same gender, but was so scared about coming out, that the person had a nervous breakdown.

We have scared them so much that they are scared to come out.

Also, another aspect to this so-called ‘Phobia’ is hate. Utter and complete hate towards these people. This community has consistently been the third most frequent target of hate violence over the past for the past five years. The most recorded crimes are against the Transgender people, which is more than 100[reported], in the last 2 years.


After all the emphasis we give on the words ‘Progressive economy ‘ we have problem like these. We are unable to open up our 19th Century minds and accept ! If that is so, I am really sorry to say that none of the   are really so…. Not even the United States………  Until we can learn to accept ever  human as he or she is ….. Without hating them because thew love people of the same gender as themselves…..



If You cant accept and appreciate people for who the really are, then I really don’t know if I can classify you as ‘Human’…… Know why … because Humans have a heart , emotions and a sense of Humanity … Without that, you are just a lump of flesh and blood, who consumes Oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide.






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