DONALD TRUMP – The new face of America

Now, I would like to start by saying that neither am I completely for trump, nor am I completely against him. Ok, now that is a bit vague ….. Let’s say I am 51.1% against him and 48.9% for him. That’s a 2.2% difference….. I guess most of you must’ve understood what I mean… Right?

So, Donald Trump, the 70 year old republican, is now the new face of America. The ‘elected’ president of the United States of America,is a  really good man…. Lots of plus points. The only drawback being that he is a proven pervert, a rapist, a sexist, a homophobic and overall, mad. Let’s just say that America is the ‘Titanic’ and Trump is the captain who drives the ship right into the iceberg.  That’s what gonna happen pretty soon.


This blog may not be as long as my other blogs I post, but I request the readers to reconsider the person to whom they give their precious vote…… Your vote should not be based on the following judgement – “Oh .. Candidate 1 has committed fraud of 2 Billion Dollars, Candidate 2  has committed rape and candidate 3 is a racist, sexist and a homophobic… So .. the third candidate seems less harmful, in comparison to the first two” .

That, dear readers, is called messed up judgement… And should definitely not be the basis on which you elect a person …. It makes more sense if you say,”Well, that guy has committed a fraud, is a proven racist, sexist and homophobic person and the other guy is ‘accused’ of doing stuff and on the day of elections is proven innocent.. Let us vote for him” . Now that is sensible reasoning….

One cannot judge a person because she or he got back with their ex…. Maybe they just wanna patch up and make stuff work !!! People have a problem with getting back with ex husbands … cause that is demeaning … But have no issue with the wife of a candidate having nudes all over the net??


Is America that backward that they cannot accept a woman as their leader? They call themselves the most sophisticated and advanced country, but they can’t accept a woman as their president !??? 43 presidents and not one is a woman …


Like seriously ! What the hell is wrong with people ? These guys need to change their thinking…. They accept Homosexuals, Bisexuls and all other kinds of sexual orientations, but can’t accept women to lead them ? If they don’t change the way they think, it is going to end really bad


Again, I am not saying that I am against Trump, but neither am I for him and if you read this blog completely,without judging or cursing me, You will know what  i mean, right ??


Lets just keep our fingers crossed that the 5 years that Donald Trump is president of America, we don’t become bankrupt, the world doesn’t go to war, the all the religions are still alive, America still has good ties with Mexico and that America is not the only country left …


Lot to ask for… Fingers crossed