An average runner runs,

Until the breath in him is gone,

But a champion runs with Iron will,

That makes him carry on.

For breath the average runner begs,

When limp his muscles grow,

But a champion runs on leaden legs,

His courage makes him go.

The average man gets complacent,

When he does his best to score,

But the Champion does his best

And then a little more.



I question the readers,

” What’s wrong in being gay?”

Why do you say that it isn’t the way ?

 There is nothing right, nothing wrong,

In loving a person, who is of the same gender drawn.

There isn’t any impurity in that kind of love,

They too have stumbled into Cupid’s trove.

What’s wrong in being Bi-sexual?

It doesn’t mean that their love isn’t sensual.

It just means that they know the best of both worlds,

And when searched, have a heart of gold.

What is wrong in being Pansexual?

The critics don’t know their level of affection.

It means being attracted to the personality, not the person,

And that kind of loves only deepens, never worsens.

What is wrong in being transgender?

They don’t deserve labels like “Nature’s rule benders”.

To think of it, they have knowledge about all aspects,

They deserve our respect.

Let’s not label them with hurtful names,

Like “gay faggots” or “freaks”;

‘Cause really people, mainly critics,

They don’t deserve the fire.

For those of you reading this right now, don’t hate the community. As humans, it is in our nature to hate or feel afraid due to anything that is unique or out-of-the-ordinary.

But these people are unique.. Their love and the bonds they form are stronger and cannot be understood easily.

If you don’t understand it, its ok….. Just don’t demean the, or make them feel hurt or insecure…..

And R.I.P to all those who lost their lives in the Orlando Shooting.



The geographical origins of Western literature lie in areas as diverse as the Middle East, the Mediterranean, the Central European Forests and the North western coasts, each of which had a lot of myths, legends and some of them were written down.

Now, if you see Greek mythology, the family tree is so vague and confusing, that it will take any human more than 1 life to understand this tree. Let me put before you a  few facts about the mythology of Greece :-

  • Greek mythology is the body of myths and teachings that belong to the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices.
  • It was a part of the religion in ancient Greece.
  • The word mythology, (“exposition of myths”), comes from Middle French ‘mythologie’, from Late Latin ‘mythologia’, from Greek ’μυθολογία mythologia’  (“legendary lore, a telling of mythic legends; a legend, story, tale”) from μῦθος mythos (“myth”) and –’λογία –logia’ (“study”).
  • Greek mythology has over a 1000 gods and goddesses, most of them being a product of inbreeding.
  • The prominent Gods of Greek mythology are… ……
  1. Zeus – The All -Father
  2. Poseidon – The god of Water (Restricted mostly to oceans)
  3. Hades – The god of the Underworld
  4. Apollo – The sun god and Zeus’s son
  5. Hermes – The god of mischief
  6. Dionysus – The god of wine
  7. Eros – The god of Love
  8. Hercules – The god of strength
  9.  Ares – The god of war
  10. Hephaestus – The god of the blacksmiths
  • The prominent goddesses are …….
  1. Hera –  Zeus’s sister as well as his wife
  2. Aphrodite – The goddess of lust and Zeus’s sister
  3. Athena – Zeus’s sister and daughter
  4.  Demeter – The goddess of fertility
  5. Artemis – Goddess of hut
  6. Hestia – The goddess of hearth and domestic life
  7. Hecate – The goddess of magic
  8. Hygea – The goddess of health and hygiene
  9. Iris – The goddess of rainbows
  10. Tyche – The goddess of prosperity and fortune