Mrs. Reyna Foster was really happy. Her husband, Mr. Ryan Foster, had promised to get her a new dress quite soon. He was, after all, getting a much needed and deserved promotion in the company. He was being promoted from the post of normal office goer, to the post of a manager. It was a really happy and busy day for both of them.

Reyna and Ryan were up quite early the day that her husband was going to get the promotion. They were really excited. Their kids, Aurora and Abed, aged 6 and 3 were up too. Though they didn’t have a clue of what was happening, they sensed that it was something of great importance and pride, because their father wore a Grey Flannel Suit to work that day. The Foster family was not very well to do. However, both the parents worked hard to make ends meet. They earned just enough to put food on the table, clothe their children and provide them with good education.so, after learning about the promotion, they were naturally very happy. Reyna then told her kids about their dad’s promotion to the post of a manager. Abed and Harriet were very glad. Not wanting to be late on the first day as manager, Mr. Ryan Foster hurried away. Mrs. Reyna too, sent her kids to the bus stop and bade them a happy day as they left for school, on the bus. Then, Reyna set out to buy the groceries needed to make a good spread for the children at lunchtime, when they returned home. She also knew that a promotion meant more wok for her husband. But as long as neither of her two mouths went hungry, she was willing to see her husband less often. It wasn’t an easy decision but, they had to see to it that their family had enough to survive on. That evening, Ryan came home a little early. Reyna and the kids were happy to see their father. Ryan called Reyna into a room. With bated breath, Reyna watched her husband, as he removed an envelope from his bag. He tried to smile, but somehow, it just didn’t happen. Reyna took one look at his face and in one short second her facial expression changed. What was initially a brightly lit face, with high hopes, was now just a blank, expressionless lump of mass. As her husband removed the fateful envelope, his hand shook. He beckoned Reyna to take the letter from his hand. For him, that letter held the weight of only thousand words, but to his family, it meant the burden of a thousand kilograms. Reyna read the letter.  Her eyes welled up with tears. Swallowing a lump that had been formed in her throat, she read the letter out loud. It said, “Dear sir, we are very sorry to inform you that your promotion has been retracted. This is due to the fact that your bank balance is only $20. I am sorry to say that you are broke. We not only retract your promotion, but also relieve you of your job. Yours sincerely, the management”. Reyna’s hand trembled as she put down the fateful piece of paper. She broke down and wept. Her husband could just watch with downcast eyes. They were barely making ends meet. Just then, the kids called out to their parents. Wiping her tears, Reyna went out the door. She suddenly had an idea. She told her children to wait at home because she and daddy had some work to do. She told Ryan to get into the car. She went to her vault in the cupboard and took out her wedding presents like the diamond ring. She got into the car and told Ryan to take her to the bank so she could give it as mortgage in return for loan. After much resistance, Ryan agreed. But it wasn’t meant to be. A few hours later, the children were taken to be put into group homes. The children had lost their parents in a really gruesome road accident.

Years later, a boy in a Grey Flannel suit, stood at Ryan Foster’s and Reyna Foster’s grave, on their death anniversary with a letter in his hand. Beside him, stood an elegant looking girl, who also stood at his grave and wept. Those letters that the two kids held in their hands, were letters of promotion. Letters on the same day that their parents had died. Was it a coincidence? Or was it just fate playing her best cards again? That is left up to you, my readers


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