I know that I wasn’t the brightest child in class,

Nor was I the studious type, which by now you would know,

I was the one who smiled as soon as I entered the door.


I never even once, picked up my pencil to write,

But nevertheless, miss, you never left my side.

You always encouraged me to correct my blunders,

‘Cause somewhere, you knew that this child of yours will do wonders. 


You extended my boundaries to places that I never dreamt of,

You told there were no limits that I could not reach to,

What they say is true” Actions speak louder than words”,

 You helped me grow and made me fly like an ambitious bird.


I hoped that you could stay, but a little while more,

 And change a few more children, right to the core.

But, with a heavy heart, and tears in my eyes

I must bid farewell, adieu to my teacher,

My role model, my guide and the illuminating lamp who lit the way for me.